Anti-Skate Blank Vinyl Calibration Record




Are you slowly destroying your valuable record collection because your anti-skate calibration is off?

Here’s the solution.

Use this blank record to calibrate your turntable anti-skate function. The goal is to have your tone arm/stylus stay stationary on the blank while the turntable is running and not drift
forward or backward.

To begin, peel off the protection film on this blank, put it on your turntable and turn it on. Place your arm approximately half way between the center hole and outside edge. If your tone arm drifts in either direction, remove the arm from the blank and slowly turn your anti-skate adjustment. Repeat procedure of putting tone arm in center of blank while the turntable is running. Adjust anti-skate until your tonearm remains in a stationary position.

Calibration record comes shrink-wrapped in a 12″ Standard Jacket.

Produced by Ryan Williams at The Blank Tank
Cover Art by Max Mcnett
©2018 Lantern lathe LLC